My private practice is only conducted virtually. I work with individuals who want to focus on strengthening their emotional and physical ability to cope with life’s challenges and losses. I use a comprehensive approach to support you as a “whole person” and bring a variety of therapeutic tools to help you establish your personal goals to move forward.


Counseling with your significant partner and/or other family members can help redirect the old “dance” of communication. Life’s challenges (i.e. illness, divorce, death), demand changes in family roles and responsibilities.  Counseling provides a safe forum to express emotion, make difficult decisions as well as create new ways to work together. Learning how to collaborate and listen to each other allows the “family system” to cope and move forward to find a new emotional balance.


Focused groups can be designed for a more in depth discussion of relevant topics and are scheduled for a defined number of sessions. Some examples of groups that have been offered are:

“A Group for Women After Breast Surgery” – These groups offer imagery skills and relaxation, managing the effects of chemotherapy and radiation, communication with the medical system, and how to achieve your highest level of wellness.

“Sexuality After Cancer” – The physical and emotional effects of cancer on your self -image as well as your sexual desire are discussed in a safe environment. Learning tools to increase couple communication and enhance the quality of your emotional relationship is necessary to the changing “landscape” of cancer.

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