Understanding Hope

Finding HopeHope is a state of mind that is vital to life and not just dependent on the present situation. It results from your focusing on your goals and reflects your plans for the future. Test yourself on a “future scale” and explore your hopes and how you can work towards achieving them.

The Five Points of a Survivor Star


“Living As If Your Life Depends on It” was a talk by Dr. Neil Fiore that defined five vital qualities of a Survivor. Learn how to bring these powerful ideas to your daily life and change your self-talk to become a Survivor Star.

What is Guided Imagery?

1138bGuided Imagery is a gentle, but powerful tool that focuses and directs your imagination. Read this introduction with some helpful tips and listen to the imagery on the website to aid in your healing journey.

The Ability to Rebound and Heal

resilience 2Resiliency is adapting well in the face of adversity. It is possible even when you feel distress. Explore some of the behaviors, thoughts, and actions that you can learn as you move along the road to resiliency.

Can You Give Yourself Some Compassion?

self compassion 2

Can you begin to accept yourself and increase your self- worth and ability to manage stress? Test yourself on a scale of self -compassion and learn some practical tools for your emotional well-being.

How Angry Are You?

Anger is a normal reaction to loss and grief. Learn how to ID the signs of anger and learn ways to effectively manage its impact on your health.

More Tips to Improve the Dance of Communication

communicating couplesThere are some good steps to move any difficult conversation forward as well as ways to stop the music. Learn some  tools to help improve the dance when you want to listen and be heard.

What’s “In” Your Mind?

BRAINYour mind is much more than your brain. Your feelings, attitudes, beliefs, perceptions, and thoughts all are facets of your mind. Explore these aspects of your mind to further your healing journey.

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