It is often so much easier to just keep doing what you have always done. Taking a RISK and DARING to be different is a chance to build up that muscle of courage and resiliency. I was given this great lists of DARES for Encouragement that I want to share .See if you can pick just a few and spring into these ideas to create change this season of renewal.

DARE …. to be SILENT. Silence is more than just not talking. It is that space inside of us that allows us to pause before we act or speak. Pause to listen, before you respond or even choose to just be silent and say nothing.

DARE …to be a HERO. Challenges always feel like a risk. Heroes may not always succeed, but they take the plunge and do amazing things without allowing thinking to stop them. Despite the “what if” that you might think, be heroic and just do it- not just for others, but for yourself.

DARE …to LAUGH. The spring flowers burst into color in the sun. Some even grow despite the gloomy cloudy skies. Laughter is good for your health as well as your spirit. A good belly laugh is a wonderful thing.(see blog)

DARE … to feel SPACE. We all live in it, breathe it, and share it. Let’s not take it for granted. Feel the space around you- the openness of the horizon, the way we all share space with each other, and the way light shines on what is around you. Like water, space is something to swim in. Feel it.

DARE be AFFLUENT. You know how it feels to go out looking for something you want .You are open , excited and energized to find it. This is not so much about what is in your bank account as much as it is about getting in touch with what the universe can offer you and how you can move towards it. Think of abundance as a feeling not a number.(see blog)

DARE.. to be SPIRITED . Don’t be afraid to show some energy. Break into a song when you feel like it. Shake hands with real vigor. Reach out and give someone a hug. Smile at the next person you see. Don’t hide your spirit- express it.

DARE … to BE DIFFERENT– Just because you have always done it that same way doesn’t mean that it’s the best way. Take a chance and change it up. Do something you have never done before. Do something- anything differently. Open up to the fresh new exciting feeling of change. Even a little change can bring renewal and a feeling of openness.

DARE … to DECIDE . Make a choice. Most mistakes can be corrected, but if you never choose, you will lose. When fear holds you in its grip, you can’t move. It’s OK to be afraid, but take a chance as often as you can to spring into action and seek new growth and renewal.


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